CBD Bracelet!

Yes, you’re reading it correctly, now available – a bracelet containing your monthly supply of CBD that is slowly absorbed into your skin throughout the month. Think it sounds strange? Just try one! David did and writes:

Since I put it on my hand I have never taken it off, I can’t explain how and why but it helps me more than you’ll ever know and better than any alternative product I’ve tried

Proprietary slow-release technology

The Tanka Wellness CBD Bracelet has been designed utilizing patented cutting-edge technology. It is produced by infusing high quality CBD oil with specially-formulated polymers. Once you put it on, the CBD is slowly released from the bracelet to the upper layer of the skin. CBD enters the bloodstream via the skin and interacts with the endocannabinoid system. The CBD in the Tanka bracelet is gradually released over a 30-day period, offering ongoing and consistent dosing.

Bracelet Components

The Tanka CBD bracelet is made of non-allergenic polymer and is comfortable on the wrist or ankle. The active CBD compound inside the bracelet is 100% organic. As you wear it over the month, CBD gradually but continuously released into the skin. Imagine, just putting this on and never having to worry about missing your CBD daily dose again! This is hassle-free and extremely convenient. Also makes a great gift!


$69 / €62   Shipping available to all countries where CBD is legal! This is great news! And another thing we really like about this bracelet. Countries all over the world are regulating CBD in draconian ways and this product is great because it provides your monthly dosage of CBD in a way that you don’t have to ingest.

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Bracelet CBD


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