Rick Simpson Method Cannabis Oil

Rick Simpson Oil. Why is there Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil on a CBD website?

Because for certain conditions, like cancer and serious pain, CBD doesn’t seem to be enough.

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The Rick Simpson Method™ of healing includes cannabis, rest and sleep. After a serious head injury in 1997, Rick Simpson sought relief from his medical conditions through the use of  cannabis oil. His is one of the most well-known stories in the cannabis community. If you’re not familiar with it, take time to watch this fascinating story of a true pioneer below. Support his family by buying his book.

Rick Simpson Method Information:

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rick simpson oil

There are 6 bottles available in this protocol.

The bottles increase in numbers of milligrams per bottle and per pump:

  • RSO 1, 150 mg, 1 mg per pump
  • RSO 2, 300 mg, 2 mg per pump
  • RSO 3, 750 mg, 5 mg per pump
  • RSO 4, 1500 mg, 10 mg per pump
  • RSO 5, 3000 mg, 21 mg per pump
  • RSO 6, 6000 mg 42 mg per pump

You may choose to do the 6 month program, using 1 bottle every month for 6 months.

OR you can use any of the bottles anytime for a consistent and accurate amount of cannabis oil.

For example, we’ve figured out that Rick Simpson Method Bottle 3 gives you the same value per mg as any of the higher concentrated bottles. So many people like to keep a bottle of it around for when they want a 5 mg dose, 2 pumps for a 10 mg dose, or 3 for 15 mg.

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