CBD for Pets

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It’s here! Whole Flower CBD in an easy-to use bacon flavored oral spray



100% whole flower CBD

This veterinarian- recommended,  non-psychoactive product uses a highly efficient water based extraction process. The process is 100% natural, has been tested for purity, and is proven to extract 90% of the plant constituents. A significant portion of products produced today use an inferior quality industrial hemp CBD isolate to create a CBD concentrate.

After hearing about the results of the CBD Pain Relief Balm from our dear friend, I decided to give my 12-year old dog some of this product. He seemed to be getting up more slowly and sometimes wouldn’t come greet me at all. The results were fantastic and immediate and I highly recommend this for any of your furry friends.


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Pets Love CBD Too!

Improve your pets’ quality of life and achieve true homeostasis within their immune system, without side effects.  Veterinarian-recommended Whole Flower CBD in a convenient metered dose.

NeuCana Whole Flower CBD for Pets provides the full spectrum of cannabinoids in Water-Soluble Formulations. NeuCana Oral Spray offers a delivery method with a 90% absorption, by entering the mucosal membrane in the back of the mouth. The fluid crosses into the blood stream and penetrates the central nervous system of the pet, delivering the relief sought.

Pet owners report that  high CBD 20:1 provides a significant reduction in seizures.

It is known that CBD treats inflammation, which is often expressed as pain.

Spray 1 mg Metered Dose
Many medications prescribed in veterinary medicine for acute or chronic illnesses can be hard on your pets organs, alter behavior, and some cases cause irreversible side effects. Our product offers an alternative for clients seeking to explore a more holistic approach.

Daily Dose for you Pet by Weight

1-19 lbs. 1 Oral Spray 2x per day

20-59 lbs. 2 Oral Spray 2x per day

60-100 lbs. 3 Oral Spray 3x per day

101-140lbs 4 Oral Spray 4x per day

Supplement Facts:
Bottle Size: 240 sprays per bottle
1 mg CBD in each spray


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