Whole Flower Fluid CBD Vaporizer Cartridge and Pen

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$50 for ONE CBD cartridge, pen, charger and storage box.

You asked for a whole flower CBD vaporizer with no additives and here it is! This is a whole flower CBD fluid that is vape-able, water soluble and can even be used as a topical. Greensticks are NOT concentrated cartridges. They provide functional medication that allows the patient to have full control of their dosing.

The Whole Plant Extraction method developed and used for this product is a patent-pending, highly efficient extraction process unlike anything else on the market today. Because it is instantly water-compatible as soon as it is extracted, greater bio-availability is created and the need for any secondary treatment is eliminated.

This unique extraction process maintains the integrity of the flavors and taste of the plant and DOES NOT simply isolate one certain botanical compound. In other words, ALL of the cannabinoids, terpenes and other constituents from the plant are available maintained with this process.

“I’m living proof that CBD works”
Source: www.thepostgameshow.com

Read about All Star Pitcher David Wells endorsing this product and watch the video!

This product includes the vaporizer pen/battery, charger, one CBD cartridge and a great box to store it in.


Whole Flower Fluid™ CBD Vaporizer contains NO PROPYLENE-GLYCOL and NO solvents were used in its making.

Because this is 100% whole flower CBD, it vaporizes at a lower temperature than other cartridges require. Cartridges are 510 thread compatible.

100% Whole Flower CBD Vaporizer Cartridge Each cartridge has approximately 250-300 inhalations. A full dose is 3-5 moderate tokes, waiting about 10 minutes between each. Use when desired or 3 times a day.

You can also purchase additional CBD cartridges or the Vaporizer Box Set and Herbal Cartridge Kit.

The Whole Flower Cannabis Advantage of Whole Flower CBD Vaporizer

7 reasons why whole plant extracts are better than CBD or THC alone
The dominant stance of the medical research community and pharmaceutical industry has been that whole plant extracts are “crude” and less effective than isolated and purified cannabinoids. However, a growing body of research is proving just the opposite.

1. The Proven Effectiveness of Whole Plant CBD over Synthetic CBD

A 2015 study by Israeli researchers showed that whole plant CBD-rich cannabis “is superior over [synthetic] CBD for the treatment of inflammatory conditions.” A review of past research into the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD revealed that administration of pure CBD in these pre-clinical studies resulted in a bell-shaped dose-response curve, meaning that CBD stopped having any therapeutic effect beyond a certain amount.The researchers wondered whether a whole plant CBD-rich extract would respond any differently. They discovered that unlike the bell-shaped dose-response curve of pure CBD, the anti-inflammatory, anti-pain response of whole plant CBD increased with dose, making whole plant CBD ideal for clinical use.

2. The Entourage Effect

To explain why whole plant CBD was more effective than pure CBD, the Israeli scientists surmise, “It is likely that other components in the extract synergize with CBD to achieve the desired anti-inflammatory action that may contribute to overcoming the bell-shaped dose-response of purified CBD.”By “other components,” they refer to the approximately 420 additional compounds in cannabis including other cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, amino acids, proteins, enzymes, fatty acids and sugars. Scientists call this phenomenon in which all the constituents of the cannabis plant work together, “the entourage effect.”

3. Synergy of THC and CBD

Similarly, other research has shown CBD to also greatly enhance the medical benefits of THC while reducing its unwanted effects. The scientists called for additional research on the whole plant effect: “The recent discovery that the propyl phytocannabinoid, tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV), is a potent antagonist at the CB1 receptor supports the notion that we yet have a great deal to learn about the therapeutic potential of this venerable medicinal plant.”

A 2014 study from the UK uncovered “dramatic reductions” in a deadly form of brain cancer when THC and CBD were used in conjunction with radiation treatment on mice. Similar to the Israeli study that found a small dose of whole plant like Whole Flower CBD Vaporizer was as effective as a large dose of isolated CBD, the UK researchers found that a small dose of THC with CBD was as effective as a large dose of either individual cannabinoid in killing cancer cells.

4-7. The Four Mechanisms of Whole Plant Extract Synergy

In a 2009 review of synergy research in plant medicine, investigators found a rationale for the apparent “pharmacological and therapeutic superiority of many [herbal drug combinations in traditional medicine] in comparison to isolated single constituents.”They define four basic mechanisms of whole plant extract synergy that can be applied to cannabis. As MedicalJane.com reports, these are:

• Ability to affect multiple targets within the body
• Ability to improve the absorption of active ingredients
• Ability to overcome bacterial defense mechanisms
• Ability to minimize adverse side effects

6 reviews for Whole Flower Fluid CBD Vaporizer Cartridge and Pen

  1. Papa John

    I recently purchased the Whole Flower CBD Vaporizer Kit… very effective for my chronic back pain due to degenerative disc disease… also unexpected relief of anxiety and frustration… I love the vape pen itself as it is a quality piece of rechargeable hardware with auto-temperature control… Vaping, for me, brings the most immediate results and is perfect fit for the CBD Fluid which is generally vaporless / odorless upon exhale. Quality products with genuine effects… Frankly, better than expected … Thank you to The CBD Expert for a welcome experience!

  2. Lou

    I’ve been looking for something to help me get off pain meds and the CBD is helping. I haven’t taken one pill since I received the kit.

    My wife also tried it and it helped her so we wanted to order another vape pen so we both can use during the day.

    Thank you for everything and we look forward to our next delivery

  3. 57 Year Old Female

    I have been using Greensticks for the past month and I can tell a difference in the way I feel. I have Lymes disease and have a lot of joint and nerve pain as well as anxiety and depression. I feel as though I am finally able to relax and keep the pain at bay.
    Thank you for working with me.

  4. Patient of Dr. xxxxxx

    Your Greensticks have been nothing short of miraculous as a cure for Cindy’s seizure disorder. And therein lies the issue. Medical marijuana has been approved in Florida for only a limited patient population. I have friends and family who could benefit from your product, a Urologist who suffers from anxiety, our daughter who suffers from anxiety, and a Chiropractor who suffers from Meniere’s disease.

  5. 39 year old female

    A HUGE thank you! It’s helping me tremendously!!
    So Lupus is an autoimmune disease, and at the core of its problem is inflammation. I’m on a mission to make my lifestyle and consumption as anti-inflammatory as possible, and I will try anything to avoid the countless prescription drugs my doctor has me on.
    Whenever I feel a headache coming on, or stomach pain coming, I have about 5 inhales of the cbd and within a few minutes the symptoms are gone.
    It also helps tremendously with joint pain! I’m trying to wean off prednisone. I was on 40mg a day for about 4-5 months and so the weaning has been difficult. I would say that I wouldn’t be able to do this without the CBD. I’m down to 20mg a day, but moving from this last spot has been very difficult. My doctors say this is normal. Doctors often have to add in “steroid-sparing drugs” to bring you down off the steroids. I think cbd is helping me do this.
    The headaches are sometimes very bad, and unless I catch it very early, the cbd cannot stop the severe headaches. I’m reluctant to try any of the THc products(bc I already have brain fog ;-)) but please let me know if other products work better for bad headaches. It would be worth it for me to use it especially for the really bad headaches.
    Also, I absolutely love how discreet it is- I can use it while the kids are home, or while people are over, and it doesn’t smell like I’ve lit a joint up in my bedroom. It wouldn’t go over well on play dates ;-).
    I really can’t thank you enough! It seriously has been a life saver.
    Thank you!!!!

  6. robyn

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Q: How many milligrams of cbd are in a cartridge?  
— Asked by Leann on November 1, 2017
A: Greensticks are NOT concentrated cartridges. They provide functional medication that allows you to have full control of your dosing. This is the whole flower of the plant placed into a cartridge so you can benefit from the entire entourage effectEach cartridge has 250-300 inhalations. Recommended dosage 4 inhalations, 3 times a day. They can't be compared to other cartridges by the mg because it's like comparing apples and oranges.
Q: how much should I take? how many mgs are in a cartridge?
— Asked by valentino on February 27, 2017
A: Each cartridge has 250-300 inhalations. Recommended dosage 4 inhalations, 3 times a day. Greensticks are NOT concentrated cartridges. They provide functional medication that allows you to have full control of your dosing. This is the whole flower of the plant placed into a cartridge so you can benefit from the entire entourage effect :)
— http://robyn
Q: Hello i watched the video of David Wells and wanted to know what exact product he takes to manage his pain? Is it a cbd liquid you take by mouth or a cbd oil you vape? I am in bad muscle pain and osteo of the knees. Lastly can any of your products be shipped to other states as i live in Philadelphia Pennsylvania? Thank you so very much as i pray this can be the answer to my years of chronic pain. Sincerely Jerry Iannuzzij ANSWER: David Wells uses the <a href="https://www.thecbdexpert.com/shop/whole-flower-fluid-cbd-vaporizer/">CBD Vaporizer</a>. Yes, we can ship our products to all US States.
— Asked by Jerry Iannuzzi on September 10, 2018
A: YES, we can ship to Pennsylvania and we're happy you contacted us about your pain. David uses the CBD Vaporizer (link below) however in years since, we've seen better results using the vaporizer for breakthrough pain and the Whole Flower Fluid https://www.thecbdexpert.com/shop/whole-flower-fluid/ as your daily dose of CBD for reduced inflammation and pain relief. The Whole Flower Fluid is what is in the vape pen. But when you take it with drops directly in your mouth, there is no ignition and personally, I prefer drops because the vape pen technology involves metal which there is no reason to inhale if you don't have to. It is wonderful for smokers and for immediate relief for breakthrough pain. Here is a blog about it: https://www.thecbdexpert.com/cbd-for-pain/ We are one of the merchants that was targeted by credit card processing for selling CBD, after 4 successful years with not a single chargeback! So we are now accepting PayPal, Venmo or Bitcoin and offering discounts - determined to get this miracle PLANT product in the hands of people that need it. If you want to try both products, we're offering a very special deal for one bottle of the fluid and one CBD vape cartridge with the pen/storage box for $170! You can add 3 more CBD cartridges to fill the storage box for an additional $90. If you only want the fluid, we're offering it at half price, so $125. It should last you 2.5 - 5 months. Let us know if you can do one of those payment options and we'll send you details.
— http://Robyn
Q: I live in Wisconsin. Can I buy this? ANSWER: YES! :) We just emailed you about our sale and for payment options.
— Asked by Janice on September 11, 2018
A: YES! :) We just emailed you about our sale and for payment options.
— http://Robyn

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