Question for Whole Flower Fluid CBD Vaporizer Cartridge and Pen

Hello i watched the video of David Wells and wanted to know what exact product he takes to manage his pain? Is it a cbd liquid you take by mouth or a cbd oil you vape? I am in bad muscle pain and osteo of the knees. Lastly can any of your products be shipped to other states as i live in Philadelphia Pennsylvania? Thank you so very much as i pray this can be the answer to my years of chronic pain.
Jerry Iannuzzij

ANSWER: David Wells uses the CBD Vaporizer. Yes, we can ship our products to all US States.

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  1. YES, we can ship to Pennsylvania and we’re happy you contacted us about your pain.

    David uses the CBD Vaporizer (link below) however in years since, we’ve seen better results using the vaporizer for breakthrough pain and the Whole Flower Fluid

    as your daily dose of CBD for reduced inflammation and pain relief.

    The Whole Flower Fluid is what is in the vape pen. But when you take it with drops directly in your mouth, there is no ignition and personally, I prefer drops because the vape pen technology involves metal which there is no reason to inhale if you don’t have to. It is wonderful for smokers and for immediate relief for breakthrough pain.

    Here is a blog about it:

    We are one of the merchants that was targeted by credit card processing for selling CBD, after 4 successful years with not a single chargeback!

    So we are now accepting PayPal, Venmo or Bitcoin and offering discounts – determined to get this miracle PLANT product in the hands of people that need it.

    If you want to try both products, we’re offering a very special deal for one bottle of the fluid and one CBD vape cartridge with the pen/storage box for $170!

    You can add 3 more CBD cartridges to fill the storage box for an additional $90.

    If you only want the fluid, we’re offering it at half price, so $125. It should last you 2.5 – 5 months.

    Let us know if you can do one of those payment options and we’ll send you details.

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