reviews cbd whole flower fluid

Reviews About CBD Whole Flower Fluid

Reviews about CBD Whole Flower fluid came pouring in from the moment we started carrying it in 2016.

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Feedback about the Whole Flower Fluid Is What Determined Our Future Business Direction

We had already been in business for 2 years when we met the manufacturer and inventor of the CBD Whole Flower Fluid. It was more expensive than the other CBD products we were selling. But people with serious ailments were willing to try it and we started getting immediate and remarkable feedback about its effectiveness. We didn’t know why it worked so well. There was hardly any information about CBD online save for Project CBD.

Two Drops Per Day is True

As more and more CBD products were introduced into the marketplace, we were amazed at how many drops manufacturers were suggesting people take. TWO DROPERFULLS as compared to two drops for the Whole Flower Fluid. Quickly people started to realize it not only was an effective product for ailments, when calculating cost per dose, it was also cost-effective!

Additionally, to this day we’ve not discovered a product where so many people start feeling better after just one dose. We’ve seen a lot of science come out about why water soluble CBD is so preferable and we’ve realized that, along with the high content of CBDA, is part of the science behind why this has become a top selling product in the USA.