What is Hemp (and CBD)?

We’re writing this in honor of the first homepage of our website, which was launched in 2014. Back then, people wanted a lot of information on the homepage and you can find now find that information here: What is CBD? In the 7 years since we’ve been in business, we’ve seen the massive worldwide growth of an entire industry. “What is hemp?” you are wondering.

Hemp is the name of the plant that we grow to extract high levels of CBD. Hemp is also grown for industrial purposes like bioplastics and fuel. There seems to be a lot of confusion about hemp vs industrial hemp vs cannabis. Hemp grown for CBD can look very similar to cannabis, which basically is the name of the plant that we grow to get higher levels of THC. When we grow for industrial purposes, the seeds planted are different and not feminized.

CBD can be found in both cannabis and hemp. Countries have different regulations about what content of THC is the dividing point for calling the plant cannabis.

In the European Union and the USA, the difference between the definitions of cannabis and hemp primarily depend on the THC content in the flowers. Things are changing quickly and great news for the EU hemp and CBD industry!

Sources of CBD

CBD oil CBD whole flower vs CBD isolate
Where Would You Rather Get Your CBD From?

In recent years, cannabis cultivators have been breeding high-CBD strains of cannabis such as AC/DC, Valentine X, Charlotte’s Web, Harlequin, Cannatonic and Sour Tsunami. This marks a reversal of a trend that lasted for decades, in which cannabis cultivators were breeding out CBD in favor of THC-dominant strains for the psychoactive effect. When cannabidiol is present in cannabis and the cannabis is inhaled or ingested, the psychoactive effect of the THC on the user is usually minimized.

Some CBD products, especially within the USA, are made from “industrial hemp.” It takes a lot more starting material from industrial to get adequate amounts of CBD than it does from cannabis.

Hemp vs Cannabis

Unfortunately, far too many hemp farmers trying to grow for CBD extraction have learned what the difference between cannabis and hemp is….the hard way. If the crop develops too high a percentage of THC in the plant, the plant becomes illegal! Thousands of acres and millions of dollars have been lost in this mistake. Many countries require hemp that is over the legal THC limit to be destroyed.

That’s why it’s so important for farmers to consult with a professional before purchasing hemp seeds.

Smoking for CBD

Perhaps you’ve heard about the craze of smoking what is called “CBD flowers.” They can look exactly like cannabis, but in actuality contain high levels of CBD and low-to-zero levels of THC. People are finding that this calms and relaxes them. It can help them sleep. It is not psychoactive like THC and can help with ailments like inflammation!

Unfortunately, this is causing a predicament for law enforcement across the world. Officers cannot tell if someone has legal CBD on them, or illegal THC cannabis! This is the same problem that businesses have been experiencing trying to ship biomass by air or freight. Customs and port officials routinely stop shipments thinking it’s illegal cannabis.