Source Your Hemp and CBD Seeds From Europe

As the hemp and CBD industry explodes around the world, many people have turned to the EU to source their seeds. We have aligned with one of Europe’s leading consultants and specialists in organic hemp seeds.

Are you wondering what kind of hemp to plant? Industrial or for CBD extraction? Can you plant for both? Since our partners are actively involved in research projects focused on seed multiplication and breeding throughout the world, they can consult with you about the most cutting edge genetics.

Additionally, they lead development projects in the production of organic hemp for seeds, fiber and flowers. Therefore they make excellent mentors in not only your seed choice, but for hemp farm management as well.

Don’t Forget!

Check your local laws and regulations for information regarding which EU hemp varieties can be legally imported and grown

Why the European Union for Seeds?

America is far behind the European Union in terms of hemp growing experience. Many EU countries lifted their bans on hemp production in the 1990s, giving them a 30-year head start in seed selection, farming, harvesting, and processing. Most EU production is of hurds, seeds, fiber and medicinal CBD or pharmaceuticals.

Europe, particularly France and Finland, have a long history of using of hemp for fiber, construction material and textiles, though in the last 25 years this sector has come into full bloom, increasing production by upwards of 500% (that’s 250% in 8 years).

European hemp varieties must be trialed and tested independently for 2-3 years before they can be registered in the EU Plant variety database

What to Look for in a European Seeds Vendor

It’s important to purchase Certified European seeds for hemp planting from a qualified vendor. Here are some qualities to look for when deciding where to purchase your hemp seeds.

  • Are they a registered distributor of hemp planting seed?
  • Do they provide good customer service and communication?
  • They should offer consultation along with the seed purchase
  • They have access to best practices and farming information from the owner or breeder of the seed
  • The varieties they offer are grown by them personally or the hemp farms they manage
  • They work directly with the breeders who produce the seed

Our Vendors Meet Every Requirement Above

hemp seeds from Europe

Certified European Hemp Now Seeds Available for the 2021 Planting Season


Earlina 8FC (monoecious)
Fédora 17 (monoecious)
Félina 32 (monoecious)
Férimon (monoecious)
Fibror 79 (monoecious)
Futura 75 (monoecious)
Futura 83 (monoecious)
Orion 33 (monoecious)
Santhica 27 (monoecious)
Santhica 70 (monoecious)
USO 31 (monoecious), available also in organic quality


Fibrol (monoecious)

Tiborszállási (dioecious)


Finola (dioecious)


Secuieni Jubileu (monoecious)
Zenit (monoecious)

Farming Consultancy Also Available

If hemp is to reach its full potential, companies and organizations need to work together and take the matter of social responsibility seriously. The hemp plant is miraculous for human health, sustainability and economic development. We can all work together to help heal a planet.

That is why we are committed to helping hemp farmers get started, from seed to sale, assisting all along the way.