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The mission of The CBD Expert is to support people’s health so they can maintain an active lifestyle and live life to the fullest. Our goal is to provide the highest quality CBD products delivered straight to your door.

We started out of San Diego, California in 2014 and in the summer of 2018 relocated to Europe.

For our previous customers in the United States, we can still arrange for most products to be delivered to you. Please email us at


We lived through the Prop64 legalization in January 2018 in California which basically ensured that big business would take over the medical marijuana industry that had been thriving for more than 20 years. We watched patients being forced to pay 40-50% more for their medicine, or to lose access to it altogether. We suffered as former business partners and suppliers ceased operations when they could no longer keep up with the stringent, expensive, and often foolhardy and unnecessary new rules and regulations.

We originally started this website after meeting people who were having success with CBD for very serious medical conditions, and tracked down the products and formulations they were using. Over years of testing and discovering which products provided relief for ailments, we are able to offer our products as important solutions to your health.

We at The CBD Expert are dedicated to improving quality of life using new delivery technologies for natural products.

The CBD Expert Europe

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