Hemp Farming Consultants

Hemp farming is on the rise! And what a great way to heal the planet! Our partners have been farming hemp for nearly 20 years. Because hemp farming has been legal in Europe since the 1990s they have a lot of valuable experience to share. Whether you want to plant hemp for industrial purposes, CBD extraction, or both, the first step to successful hemp farming is seed choice and purchase.

Our hemp farm professionals can assist and mentor you every step of the way, from seed to sale. They are at the cutting edge and informed of new processing methods around the world. If you want assistance with product choice and development we can help as well. We’re available every step of the way to guide you to success.

We work with farmers who truly want to share their valuable experience with you so that the hemp industry can flourish. You can learn how to be successful from your first crop, and help the hemp industry heal the planet.

Hemp Farming Management

Our partners have cultivated a large network of leading hemp companies from around the world who inform their strategies when they are working with you. You can be sure that you are getting the best of the best mentors in this program.

They’ve tracked the increasing demand for high CBD varieties of hemp across Europe since 2014. Best of all they are are actively involved in Research & Development projects focused on seed multiplication and breeding.

Here’s the chance to work with some of Europe’s leading consultants for farmers, cooperatives and other initiatives in growing and processing hemp.

Hemp Farm Harvesting Equipment

New farming equipment is quickly being developed and released around the world. Our experienced hemp farm consultants personally speak with the product manufacturers as interesting products are released. Thus we can help you save valuable time and money by advising you on the cutting edge technology now available for your hemp farm harvests.

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Large Volumes of Hemp Biomass

We don’t want to see farmers suffer like they did in the 2019 USA hemp harvest. Thousands of acres and millions of dollars were lost when farmers could not harvest and/or process their hemp.

That’s why we work to partner buyers of hemp biomass with farmers, even before planting has started! Buyers and farmers can work with our experienced consultants From Seed to Sale, Ship to Store™.

You can consult with seed vendors who actually grow the varieties they sell and determine the correct genetics to meet your needs. We’re with you every step of the way from planting to harvest, processing, and even to wholesale or retail finished product.