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CBD original information in blogs authored by The CBD Expert #theCBDexpert.

Since 2014 when we first discovered CBD and its power to help heal bone fractures and surgery. Our friends’ daughter in her early 20s needed a hip replacement and we were already working in the cannabis industry in San Diego. But we did not want her to use THC, the much more well known cannabinoid at the time.

Our first blog about how CBD helps heal bone fractures, an added benefit to the pain and inflammation relief it provided, is dedicated to her.

We started a series on CBD and the endocannabinoid system because we wanted to understand why it was so helpful on so many conditions!

As one of the first CBD websites in the world, having launched in 2014, there was not very much information when we started!

We hope you enjoy this CBD original information we provide as a service to all those looking to thrive, for a life of health and happiness.


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