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September 2017. The new packaging on the new CBD Whole Flower Fluid Spray is SO NEW that we haven’t had time to take professional pictures. Check back soon for updated page 🙂

The CBD Whole Flower Fluid Spray contains 240 sprays.

That’s enough to last an entire month because you only need 1-2 sprays on each side of your cheek twice a day.

CBD Whole Flower Fluid is the liquid which results from a patent-pending, highly efficient extraction process unlike anything else on the market today.

This has become our most popular product and we’ll try to answer some of your questions here. Yes, you only need 1-2 drops. This product doesn’t seem to follow the same bell curve effect of isolated CBD products. (see below for more info)

Why do we suggest you take 1-2 drops twice a day? Because of the way CBD works in the Endocannabinoid System. When CBD is introduced into the body, it goes into the ECS system and affects every cell in your body, helping it to find balance or homeostasis. When your body gets used to the CBD on a twice daily basis, the cells, ALL OF THE CELLS in your body begin to function better.

Unique CBD Whole Flower Fluid Extraction Process

This unique extraction process was conceived by a fitness loving surfer in San Diego and is the only process like it we know of in the world. I was contacted by a South American research team interested in researching this product in HUMAN CLINICAL TRIALS, because it seems to be so much more effective than isolated CBD extractions.

The unique whole flower CBD extraction process is 100% natural and has been laboratory tested and proven to extract over 90% of the active plant constituents. In other words, this whole flower extraction process pulls all of the cannabinoids, terpenes and other constituents that are contained in each flower.




CBD Whole Flower Fluid spray is made with the CBD Whole Flower Fluid and is the newest in the product line.

The liquid which results from a patent-pending, highly efficient extraction process unlike anything else on the market today.

CBD Whole Flower Fluid Spray Results

Just read the reviews of the Whole Flower Fluid product (available on this page) to get an idea of the effect it’s having on people’s lives.

Just this week we received an excited phone call from a new customer. “I finally found it!” she said. She suffers from severe back pain and had found ONE product over a year ago that worked to relieve her pain, when she was living in San Diego.

She said that she had tried multiple products from all over the country and nothing had worked. When she was able to consume this whole flower fluid again after all that time she said the relief was immediate!

We hope you experience great health and well-being as well.


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Q: how much should I take? how many mgs are in a cartridge?
— Asked by valentino on February 27, 2017
A: Each cartridge has 250-300 inhalations. Recommended dosage 4 inhalations, 3 times a day. Greensticks are NOT concentrated cartridges. They provide functional medication that allows you to have full control of your dosing. This is the whole flower of the plant placed into a cartridge so you can benefit from the entire entourage effect :)
— http://robyn

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