Worldwide Hemp Customs Clearance

Customs clearance and transportation management for industrial hemp and CBD products worldwide can be facilitated by our hemp customs clearance agency partner.
They provide full service international logistic solutions for cannabis and hemp, helping with customs clearance and global logistics. They are able to give you peace of mind and ensure reception of goods on time.

Their ability to ship direct via leased cargo planes as an option for logistics puts them in a unique position to control the product at all times. With more than 15 years experience in international trade and supply chain management, you can rest easy and know that your shipments will arrive intact and on time.

Because hemp and cannabis appear so similar, companies were struggling with customs stopping legal hemp shipments for import and export. Recently we were contacted for assistance by a company who had a container seized by customs in their destination country. Had they consulted with a professional hemp customs agency before shipping, they could have avoided this devastating situation for their business.

Hemp Customs Agency Services

  •   Experience in handling hemp and other commodities.
  •   Highly efficient customer response.
  •   IT systems efficiency.
  •   Assistance with hemp import and export regulations
  •   Ease of paperwork.
  •   Handling of hemp trade compliance and procedures by sea, land and air.

As part of our commitment to support products that will help to build a sustainable future, hemp worldwide customs clearance facilitation solves the product supply and unknown origin issues that currently are dominating the industry.

We are proud of the ability to consult with hemp farmers on all aspects of their biomass production including seed choice and match them with buyers, often before the crops are even planted. This enables us to assist in CBD and hemp movement globally. The more hemp farms that are planted, the healthier our planet becomes.