CBD Oil – Why Water Soluble Fluid is Achieving Much Better Results

We’ve noticed that in Europe and the UK, “CBD oil” is used as misnomer- that people don’t know even know what CBD is if you don’t put the word “oil” after it, especially in the Spanish language. But now, a whole flower WATER soluble FLUID is available in Europe and many other countries, which keeps the ratios of the cannabinoids just like nature grows it, and is getting astounding results for even the most serious pain and other ailments.

The Benefits of Water Soluble CBD

Scientists have told us that one of the main reasons the Whole Flower Fluid is getting such great results compared to other CBD products is that the product is water-based and the body can absorb it much better than an oil-based product. There is plenty of information online about why this is the case. Here is an example from the National Library of Medicine’s Center for Biotechnology Information:

With water-soluble extracts, the onset of therapeutic effects is quicker. This solves a common problem for oil extracts, as well as the edible products created from them, which is that they characterized by a delayed onset and prolonged duration of effects. This is why, for those using cannabis for medicinal purposes, relief takes time and it may be hard to get the precise dosing with an oil-based product.

CBD Oil Extracts vs. Water Soluble CBD

What does that mean in laymen’s terms? It means that a common problem for CBD oil extracts, as well as all oil-based supplements, is the body’s absorption. Water based products are absorbed faster and more thoroughly by the body, thus giving faster and more effective relief.

If you look online you will find many CBD companies going to great means and expense to get their products water soluble.

Do you think it’s time to put the word out to the industry that the term “CBD oil” is a misnomer? Let us know!