CBD Capsules with Microecapsulation

CBD Gel Capsules are the newest product from the same Israeli company who makes PhenoPen CBD premium CBD vape pen. After helping people around the world relieve their suffering from a range of ailments, they decided it was time to offer the same natural relief to those who can’t or don’t wish to smoke.

Delayed-Release System

The main benefit of microencapsulated CBD is that it offers slow and targeted release.

Soon after the CBD microcapsules enter the stomach, they begin to open. Then, pancreatic enzymes offer a targeted release of the active compounds inside.

Usually when medication or natural compounds are taken orally they need to navigate the long path through the stomach and digestive tract before entering into your bloodstream and taking effect. Therefore your stomach acid and other degrading factors cause much of the ingredients to be lost. Which means much less relief for your ailments, not to mention wasted money on CBD that is not even absorbed.

These CBD capsules offer potent and long-lasting effects due to the delayed and targeted release of the CBD

What is Microecapsulation

Microencapsulation is a cutting-edge technology that entraps active compounds with other material by forming a wall around them. The result is a product called microcapsules.

Microcapsules generally range from 1-2000 microns. There are two primary methods used for the microencapsulation process: spray drying and conservation. The latter causes microcapsule cores to form a viscous microcapsule wall, which is solidified using cross-linking agents. Therefore it is the optimal technology to deliver the wonderful benefits of CBD hemp in a hassle-free pill.

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This product is suggested for someone who prefers to take their CBD in hassle-free pill form.


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